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Get Started

What should you do first?

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First, it is important for you to create an account with us. This will allow you to participate in group discussions and become a part of the SavePassions community. Our website is completely free of cost, requiring no subscriptions or other implications.


Next, check out the Groups section of our website. If the country you live in does not have its own group, then feel free to create one! Our members and admin will make sure to welcome you to SavePassions, and assist you in any way we can.


Groups are a great opportunity to talk to other refugees who may have faced the same difficulties as you. In addition, you can our staff can guide you to one of our many wonderful partners who are best suited for your situational needs

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Contact Us

If you would like more personal assistance or have trouble using the Groups feature, feel free to contact us at, in the contact section. We guarantee to respond within two days, and can address any issues or concerns you may have. In addition, we can provide you direct references to organizations you would like to contact.

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